News - 2006 

4th March

It had been snowing most of Friday and there wasn’t much hope for the training track being on. Cameron got up normal time on Saturday and convinced Dad that he should still phone and check to see if it was running. To everybody’s surprise it was!
When he got to Sheffield there wasn’t many people riding. It was a very quiet day and Cameron got ten rides. At first he looked a little unsure but by the end of the day he looked really confident.

27th February

Chris Van Straaten called to confirm that Cameron would be the 2006 mascot. Cameron was told he could carry on last season but the news made him realize that the start of the season was only two weeks away!!!!!!!

26th February

Cameron took part in the Midlands Closed Judo competition at Castle Vale. He had some real tough fights but it paid off because he came away with a bronze medal! Sunday evening he took part in the Burntwood Swimming Gala. He swam in the 100m freestyle and 50m backstroke. In both his heats he finished 2nd which placed him 5th overall. An excellent result as this is the first one he as ever done.

25th February

No training track today. The wind was too strong for safe riding. Cameron was a little disappointed but he had to get his home work done because he had a busy day on Sunday

18th February

At last, the first training track of the year for Cameron. Unfortunately it took nearly 2 hours to get his bike to start as it had been standing for over two months. Then we had problems with his carburetor. In the end Cameron only got two rides but Simon Stead was at the track and had a little chat with Cameron which really made his day.

17th December

It was the last training track of the year and Cameron knew that it would be at least 3 weeks before he would ride again. He stayed until it was too dark to ride getting loads of laps in.

12th December

Cameron and family went to the Wolfcry Christmas party at the pie factory. A great bunch of people that made us feel all very welcome and it was the tonic the family needed after Sunday. Thank you all for cheering us up.

11th December

Cameron’s lifetime friend and family dog Tom died of old age.
A very sad day for all of the family but he went quietly in his sleep.

12th November

Cameron Got Gold !!!! Cameron has worked very hard at his swimming and he got his Gold swimmers award. All of the family are very proud. Well done Cam !!!!

10th November

At last the training track was on although the track was very wet and slippy. Cameron did the right thing and took it nice and easy on his first two rides as it was like a skating rink. As the track dried out Cam got faster with every ride. At the end of the day Cameron was presented with a trophy as he had missed the presentation evening due to parents evening being on the same night. It was a special award for most improved rider. Sister Charlotte also got a medal for her hard work thoughout the year. Well done both !

5th November

Once again our fine British weather made sure there was no riding at the training track on Saturday. To make up for the disappointment of not riding Cameron, Charlotte and Chloe went to the raceway in Hednesford to watch the car racing. Cam said that it wasn't as good as speedway but he loved the demolition derby with the lorries.

31st October

Cameron was feeling a little down missing his Monday night rides at Wolverhampton. What made it worse Dad dragged him around Sainsbury's to do the shopping as Mum wasn't feeling too well. All of a sudden Cameron started grinning like a Cheshire cat and said "it's Ronnie". Sure enough Ronnie Correy was walking towards them. He stopped and talked to Cam and Dad for some time saying that he would really like to ride for Wolves again next year if the points system allowed. He said that he would be a good catch on his average as he felt that things were on the up for him at the end of the season. Thank you to Ronnie for spending time with Cameron and Dad, it turned a boring shopping trip into a treat for them both.

29th October

Training track rained off.

22nd October

Cameron attended the training tack and was full of confidence. He couldn't wait to tell everyone that he rode his 500cc on the big track at Wolverhampton.

17th October

At last Cam's bike is up and running again. The wait was worth while for Cameron as his licence was upgraded in time for him to ride his 500cc at the last meeting at Wolverhampton. Cam didn't have a clue he would be riding his 500cc until dad put it on the car. A very nervous Mum and Dad watched him go out on the track and rode the 500cc better than his 185cc. They were both very proud and very relieved. This was the first time Mum had seen Cameron ride his 500cc bike. Cameron was sad that the season was over but he had some good news from Chris Van Straaten who agreed that Cameron could be mascot in 2006. 22nd October

8th October

No training track today. Dad's funds have dried up and the money saved from Cam and Charlotte not riding will help to pay for the repairs. Dad knows how much riding means to both Cameron and Charlotte and wants to thank them for being very understanding. If anyone is interested in sponsoring Cameron or Charlotte now would be a very good time.

1st October

No training track today. Cameron's engine is still in bits. The good news is that the engine is not too badly damaged. The parts have been ordered and Clive Molley has kindly come to the rescue again and has agreed to fit them for us. Thank you Clive!

24th September

The track conditions at Sheffield were perfect today. Cameron had two very good rides but on his second ride when he came off the track and stopped his bike it sounded like there was a grinding noise coming from the engine. The top was taken off the engine and one of the rocker arm rollers had seized. We are not sure how much damage has been done.

17th September

Cameron had a great day at Sheffield Training track today even though it was very tricky.
The first bend was really slick and as you came into the second bend the track looked damp and was very gripy. As Cameron hit the gripy patch and his bike lifted but he controlled it very well. One of the boys latter hit the same part of the track and unfortunately hit the fence and broke his arm.

10th September

Cameron had to get up at 4.00am on Saturday Morning because Nev Risely from Radio Fremantle was going to talk to him about his riding. This time Dad got in from work at 2.30am and managed to stay awake. Cameron and Dad got to speak to Nev and apart from them both sounding tired it went very well. A very big thank you to Nev for this wonderful oppurtunity. Cameron couldn't wait to get to school on Monday to tell his friends that he had been on a radio station on the other side of the world. You can listen to the interview on the below link until 16/09/2005, scroll down to Saturday archives and click on Speedway Racing. Cam's interview is about 35min into the programme.The site is worth checking every week as Nev has recently interviewed Ivan Mauger and Johno.

3rd September

The training track was closed this week and Cameron still had a fantastic weekend because he stayed over at his friend's house but Monday couldn't come quick enough so he could ride. Thank you to Adam and Stella for looking after him.

27th August

Cameron's friend James came from Cannock to ride at the Sheffield training track. Cameron rode very well on his first four rides but on his 5 th ride he recognised that there was a problem with his bike and pulled up saving damage to his engine and further damaged to his dads wallet. A valve cap had found its way into the engine but luckily came out when the oil was changed. Dad quickly put it back into place and set the correct gap and got the bike running for an excellent final ride from Cameron.

20th August

Nan and Granddad Johnson came to the Sheffield training track to watch Cameron and Charlotte to ride. Cameron's friend Adam came to ride too. Granddad couldn't believe how well Cameron rode his 500cc and Nan just looked very pale.

Steve Dixon was also at the track taking photos. You can see Cam and Charlotte at (click on most recent and then find 20th August - file 12/38)

13th August

Nev Riseley from Radio Fremantle in Australia was going to interview Cameron about his riding. The only problem was that it was to take place at 4.00 in the morning! Dad had a master plan! Dad gets in from work at 3 in the morning and he was going to stay up for an hour to wake Cameron up at 4 to give him 30mins to come around. Dad sat down with a cup of hot chocolate to watch television about 3.15am but unfortunately he fell asleep and didn't wake up until 6 missing Nev 's phone call. Dad apologised to Nev and the interview will now take place hopefully on the 10 th of September and Dads got some red bull in the fridge ready!

30th July

The training track was rained off but Cameron wasn't too sad because he was going on holiday the next day.

23rd July

We could'nt run Cameron's bike until we got to the training track as we leave home to early to start it in the street. It started up first time and it sounded good as it was warmed up. The real test was on the track. Cameron's first ride was great with the bike and set up working well for Cameron. It looked like the bike was made for him. Cameron went on to have another 5 rides without any mechanical problems. At last a full days riding without any problems. A few more weeks like this please!!!

22nd July

Clive Molloy came to work on Cameron's engine again. He wanted to make sure that Cameron would be able to ride his 500cc bike on Saturday. He did'nt finish until 9.30pm. A very big thank you to Clive from all of the Hoskins family.

16th July

Cameron rode his own 500cc bike at the Sheffield Training track. His first ride was good with his bike behaving too. He did 2 laps on his second ride when his engine started to make a loud tinny noise. We found two of the valve caps missing. An oil change was done in the hope of finding them but unfortunately only one was retrieved with the use of a magnet. Cameron couldn't ride his bike because of the risk of damaging the engine further. The training track bike was also out of action and Cameron was really feeling low because he was to be assessed to upgrade his licence. Mark and James Sargent came to the rescue and said that Cameron could use James's bike for his assessment so Cameron quickly got changed back into his riding gear. Pete and Roy went onto the track with Cameron and gave him instructions. Cameron rode very confidently and followed every instruction correctly. When they came off the track both Roy and Pete said that they were very impressed with Cameron's riding and are happy that he can ride a 500cc bike safely. They would be writing a letter to us so Cameron can upgrade his licence.

10th July

Cameron and his Dad spend a good half a day cleaning Cameron's bike for the first time. Robbie from the training track and had written an idiots guide on how to maintain the bike after every meeting. He had to remove the cables and lubricate. Remove the carburettor and clean. Remove the clutch and plates and clean. It was a nice sunny day and the clutch plates soon dried out on the washing line. Cameron and Dad put the bike back together, checked all the nuts and bolts, checked and lubricated the chains and filled the engine with new oil ready for use on Saturday.

9th July

At last Cameron took his own 500cc bike to Sheffield. His first ride was very good but towards the end his bike started to struggle a little. Mark Sargent was at the training track and pin pointed the problem to the carburettor and put his son James's carburettor on Cameron's bike for his second ride. The bike ran like a dream. Mark had stripped Cameron's carburettor down and found that the needle was distorted.
He repaired it and Cameron's carburettor was put back on his bike. At last the bike ran perfectly and Cameron really enjoyed his riding but the day came to an end far too quickly and there was no meeting at Wolverhampton on Monday.

6th July

Clive Molloy brought Cameron's bike back with some good news. It was just the piston rings that were the problem and now he's changed them it should be quite reliable. He said the rest of the engine was in good condition but the carburettor needed a little attention as it was still sticking intermittently.

2nd July

Cameron attended the training track in Sheffield and rode the training track's upright 500cc bike very well all day!

1st July

Clive Molloy the machine examiner from Wolverhampton Speedway kindly offered to have a look at Cameron's engine. He came and picked the bike up so he could spend the weekend looking at it.

26th June

Cameron's Dad found that when he bought the bike there was a spare faulty carburettor with the bike. When he opened it up it had black floats in. He took the carburettor off the bike and put the black floats in. To his surprise it worked perfectly. He put the bike back together and ran it. It seemed to run a lot better with no leaks. At last we thought the bike was ok until Dad changed the oil to find that a quarter of it was methanol. Yep we think Morgan was right (again) and it needs new piston rings. Dad had to tell Cam the bad news that he wouldn't be able to ride it for a while because he couldn't afford to get the engine done yet as his credit card was up to its limit again. Cam took the news ok and was just looking forward to riding at Wolverhampton on Monday on his 185cc. Cameron's younger sister has been telling Daddy that she wants to ride a motor bike like Cameron and Charlotte and Dad can often been seen pushing her around the car park after the meeting on Cameron's bike. He told Chloe that she could have a motor bike when she could ride a push bike without stabilisers. Guest what happened Sunday! She even picked the stabilisers off the path and threw them in the bin. Sometimes Dad wished he had kept his mouth shut!

25th June

Cameron took his 500cc bike to the training track and couldn't wait to ride it. His first ride was very good with the set up that Morgan had done for him working perfectly. A very big thank you to Morgan. Cameron's second ride the bike seemed to be sluggish as if it was not getting enough fuel though and then he ran out of methanol. The bike was checked for leaks but everything seemed to be ok. It was filled up ready for his third ride but when the bike was started the methanol came shooting out of the carburettor overflow. One of the guys at the track stripped it down and freed it. Cam went out to ride with the bike still not sounding good. Roy advised us to get some black floats and a rubber tipped needle for the carburettor as the white floats were known for sticking.

24th June

Cameron's Dad went to collect his bike from Joe Hughes. Morgan had done a fantastic job on Cam 's bike which was very noticeable. Morgan was still concerned with the engine. It had ran ok on test but it was burning a little oil and he had found methanol in the oil. He thought that because of the bike being stood for such a long time that one of the pistons was sticking.

20th June

Cameron rode his 185cc at Wolverhampton very well on a tricky track. Dad had some bad news from Morgan about Cam's 500cc bike. The clutch was in very bad condition and the bike had to have new clutch plates, countershaft housing and bearings, new cables and new chains in fact nearly £400 worth of work.

18th June

Cameron was a little disappointed not to have taken his new bike to the training track but Dad wanted to make sure it was safe. Cameron rode the training track's upright 500cc bike all day and very well. Mark Sargent asked Cameron if he would like to ride his friend James' lay down bike. Cameron jumped at the chance and looked as if he had been riding it for months. A very big thank you to Mark and James.

16th June

Cameron's Dad had been speaking to Morgan from Joe Hughes Speedway Store. He was a little concerned with the operation of the clutch and asked Morgan to check the bike over and make sure that it was safe for Cam to ride. The bike was dropped off at Derby pending repairs.

11th June

No training track today. Mum, Dad, Granddad, Cameron, Charlotte and Chloe all went to the British GP at Cardiff . Cameron and Charlotte have been every year since it had started but it was the very first time that Chloe had been. Chloe soon got used to the noise and is now an expert at using the air horn. A great day was had by all of the family.

5th June

Cameron, Charlotte and Dad took a mystery trip to Swindon. Cam thought it was something to do with Dad's work but when we go to the location he found that the man that Dad met was very keen on speedway, so much so he had a bike. Cam sat on it and told the man that he rode and he was looking for a bike like this. Dad told Cam that this was now his bike and Cameron had a few tears of joy. Cameron then looked worried and asked how they were going to get the bike home as his bike rack was at home. Dad had put it in the car when Cam went to bed on Saturday night not to give the game away.

4th June

Cameron rode the training track's 500cc bike all day. He looked more confident and comfortable with every ride.

28th May

Cameron attended the training track at Sheffield. Cameron was to ride his 185cc and as a treat the 500cc at the end of the day. He rode his 185cc bike once and stayed on the training track's 500cc for the rest of the day.
Cameron is still finding it difficult to get sponsorship but he has been offered a good 500cc bike and if it's OK Dad may buy it on his credit card.

26th May

Cameron was swimming at Burntwood leisure centre and was awarded his Silver life saving badge and also his Silver swimmers' badge. Well done Cam! Keep up the good work and go for gold!

22nd May

Cameron took part in the National Judo competition in Birmingham . His first fight was very exciting but Cameron got caught off guard with a spectacular throw by his opponent. Cameron landed very awkwardly on his shoulder and was in a lot of pain. He still carried on in the competition and narrowly missed out on a bronze medal. Cameron seemed to be more concerned about the heavy shower in the afternoon and was worried that the speedway would be cancelled on Monday. Cameron returned home and the pain from Cam 's arm and shoulder was soon forgot about when he tucked into one of Dad's pork and apple sauce Sunday dinners.

21st May

It was a very long journey to Sheffield on Saturday. The A38 was closed and the traffic was being diverted though Burton town centre. At one point dad was going to turn around and return home but when he suggested it to Cam and Charlotte they both gave him evils!
The training track was very patchy and Cam struggled on his first ride hitting grippy and then slick parts of the track. This didn't put Cam off at all. In fact he went on to ride the training track's 500cc bike 3 times powering it though the last quarter of each bend. Roy Wilson told Cam 's dad that he had got to grips with the 500cc really quickly and said there would be no stopping him now.

16th May

Cameron attended the training track at Sheffield on Saturday 14/05/2005 . He knew he wouldn't be riding at Wolverhampton on Monday as there was no meeting. Cameron was very keen to get on the track and get as many rides as possible. He rode his own 185cc bike for most of the day but was very eager to get onto the training track's 500cc bike. He managed to get two rides on the 500cc and looked very confident and in control. Unfortunately for Cam the day came to an end far too quickly. He told me how much he enjoyed riding the 500cc and asks if it would be long before he got his own.

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